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Consolidating AED Management Across Multiple Facilities with Premedics

Ensuring safety is a top priority for organizations operating across multiple facilities, including businesses, schools, corporations, gym chains, and more—anywhere that sees a constant flow of people coming in and out.

Adhering to legal and safety standards is crucial, and the management of automated external defibrillators (AEDs) is no exception. These devices play a pivotal role in saving lives during sudden cardiac arrest (SCA), where early CPR/AED intervention can significantly increase survival rates, potentially doubling or even tripling them.

The complexity of managing AEDs across multiple locations can often be daunting. Questions may arise, such as:

  • Are the pads and batteries being replaced upon expiration?
  • Do all staff members possess CPR/AED certification and are they proficient in using AEDs?
  • Are each of the organization's locations compliant with state and local AED regulations?

Organizations can turn to Premedics' innovative solutions to streamline the process of multi-site AED management. By entrusting their AED management to Premedics, organizations can rest assured that their life-saving devices are in optimal working condition and fully compliant with regulations across all their locations.

How to Solve Multi-Site AED Management Challenges

1) Siloed Tracking and Maintenance

The Challenge: Overwhelmed Safety Staff

Depending on how many locations your organization has, there might be one safety coordinator responsible for AED management per location, or, one person like an EHS Manager might be tasked with several (or all) locations.

With all those responsibilities, proactive maintenance often falls on the back burner. However, AED accessories need regular replacement, and the device must be tested at least monthly to ensure its functionality. If not, it won’t work when you need it most. 

The more locations you have, the more complicated it is to track manually in spreadsheets. Even the most well-intentioned and seemingly foolproof processes fall short as we’ve seen time and time again during our on-site checks.

Premedics Solution: Scalable Maintenance

The Premedics pre-EMS system manages all of an organization’s AEDs, whether eight or 800, in one centralized platform made possible by wireless AEDs. Premedics remotely monitors each wireless AED and tracks maintenance needs so you never miss replacement dates when crucial items expire. We will even ship replacement pads, batteries, and entire defibrillators right to your doorstep at no added cost.

We do the monitoring and tracking on behalf of your organization, so there’s no strain on your internal resources. Moreover, each individual AED has location information (like if it’s on the second floor in the hallway or in the lobby behind the desk) so they are always organized and easily findable in an emergency regardless even with a high volume.

2) Compliance Uncertainty

The Challenge: Adhering to Changing Regulations

All organizations are concerned about complying with AED regulations, but multi-site organizations have more opportunities for failure. AED regulations vary by state and possibly by county, so it takes more effort to stay on top of legislative changes in addition to federal requirements. Consequences of non-compliance include potential legal fines and, more tragically, loss of life.

How can you be certain that all locations are doing what they need to do?

Premedics Solution: Outsourced Compliance

By choosing Premedics as your AED readiness partner, we take on the responsibility of maintaining your AED compliance. There are requirements regarding AED quantity, placement, training, and more from the American Heart Association, Food and Drug Administration, state health departments, and many others. All of our pre-EMS systems meet or exceed legal requirements for complete compliance.

We are so confident in our systems that we offer a multi-million dollar indemnification policy as added reassurance to your legal teams. Taking advantage of our policy means you’re safeguarded in case of a legal challenge post-usage.

3) Inconsistent Training

The Challenge: Lapses in Preparedness

Ensuring that your organization's defibrillators are in place is only half the battle; it's equally important that your staff is well-trained in CPR/AED procedures. While many CPR/AED training providers offer annual certification, the reality is that employees come and go, and certifications can easily expire. Both leave your organization vulnerable to increased risks during a sudden cardiac arrest. It's crucial to address this turnover and potential lapses in training to maintain high readiness and preparedness across all your facilities.

Premedics Solution: Automated Certificate Tracking

Our comprehensive AED management solution not only provides all the necessary tools for responsible AED ownership, including CPR/AED training, but also ensures that your organization remains fully compliant and prepared at all times. With our system, we take the hassle out of tracking certifications by monitoring them closely and sending timely reminders to your designated AED Coordinators well in advance of expiration dates.

This proactive approach guarantees that there will never be a lapse in coverage, giving you the peace of mind that your staff is always equipped and ready to respond in case of a SCA emergency. Trust in Premedics to keep your organization's AED program running smoothly and effectively. Training and certification management are seamlessly integrated into our innovative platform.

We know that annual training isn’t enough to stay top of mind. When faced with a life-or-death scenario, actions need to be committed to memory to be effective. That’s why we train using your specific defibrillator units and include non-certifying staff during practical demos and scenario practice.

Success Story: 20 Locations for Serta Simmons Bedding

Working closely with Serta Simmons Bedding, we embarked on a mission to elevate the AED ownership standards across their 20 plants, where each location housed an average of two to three AEDs. Through meticulous planning and dedicated efforts, we streamlined the process so they were fully operational and compliant within just a few months.

This rapid turnaround not only showcased our efficiency but also demonstrated our commitment to excellence in AED management. By bringing their plants up to the highest level of AED ownership standards, we provided Serta Simmons Bedding with the peace of mind that their facilities were well-equipped to handle any cardiac emergency that may arise.

Andy Brousseau, their Director of Safety, had this to say:

I have particular experience in AEDs because I was a firefighter paramedic for 20+ years. I was sold on Premedics because the owner is a paramedic too, and they shared my mindset. I was very happy with the former AED company that I was going to bring in. Even though that guy was my friend and the president of the company, they couldn't touch what Chris at Premedics was doing for us. I was really impressed with Chris and his customer service.

Helping you save lives is our passion. We assign a dedicated account manager to your account who will be your consistent touchpoint throughout onboarding and beyond. When you call us, this guarantees that you’re always speaking to someone familiar with the intricacies of your facilities.

Why Multi-Site Organizations Trust Premedics

With a foundation laid in 1999 by a dedicated paramedic, Premedics emerged as the trailblazer in the realm of AED management, setting the bar for industry standards. Our commitment to excellence is unwavering, exemplified by our dedication to unparalleled customer service that surpasses the offerings of other national brands.

At Premedics, we prioritize the trust and satisfaction of our clients above all else, taking care that every interaction and service provided is met with the utmost professionalism and care. Our legacy of innovation and reliability continues to elevate the AED management landscape, solidifying our position as a trusted partner for organizations seeking optimal readiness and peace of mind.

Andy Brousseau, Director of Safety at Serta Simmons Bedding, said:

Nowadays, you have to go through the whole process of pressing this for customer service and pressing that for that, which is just not what you want when you're talking about saving lives. Premedics was meticulous. We have backup pads and batteries in our office. They went above and beyond anything Cintas or any of the other big companies would have done.

Get Peace of Mind Today

With the Premedics pre-EMS system, you can confidently entrust the management of all your AEDs across every location, eliminating any potential risks. Whether you have a few AEDs or a large quantity in various facilities, our system is designed to handle them all expertly. Precision and reliability are paramount in organizations with multiple sites, and with Premedics, there is no margin for error. Trust us to ensure that your AEDs are always in optimal condition and ready to save lives when needed.

Request a consultation today to get the industry’s leading AED management solution. Be confident that all your locations are fulfilling standards!