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The Complete Solution

We offer the complete solution for your company via Premedics Sync™, including total AED program management, procurement, leases, rentals, CPR and AED training, AED inspections, indemnification, and AED registration. Learn more about each individual service below.

  • AED Sync

    AED SyncTM

    Ensuring your AED is always ready.
  • AED Leases, Rentals, & Sales

    AED Leases, Rentals, & Sales

    Ensuring your organization has the appropriate AED equipment.
  • Worldclass CPR/AED Training

    Worldclass CPR/AED Training

    Ensuring your team is trained and ready.
  • Indemnification


    Ensuring company assets are safe in case you’re sued.
  • Compliance


    Ensuring all AED program compliance requirements are met.
  • Property Sync

    Property Sync

    Ensuring your entire property site is protected.
  • AED Registry™

    AED Registry™

    Ensuring all your AEDs are registered with local 911 EMS.
AED Sync


Ensuring your AED is always ready.
AED Sync


AED Manager keeps track of all things AED equipment related (expiring pads, batteries, etc.). This quality process ensures that each AED unit is checked monthly by the facility’s AED coordinator. Premedics’ AED Manager™ sends a monthly reminder for the AED coordinator to check each AED unit’s status indicator. If the system isn’t updated, reminders escalate. This process facilitates a monthly review of the AED’s readiness. AED Manager also sends out a 30 day reminder when AED pads or batteries are due to expire. Annually, a pre-EMS field specialist on the Premedics staff visits each Premedics Sync client location to verify the AED Sync status. Premedics’ field specialist also verifies that the AED is not under recall or in need of a software update (Each AED is updated on-site if field updatable).

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