Property Sync™

Organizations vary greatly in size, structure, and amount of locations, making a tailored approach to automated external defibrillator (AED) system management essential. At Premedics, we understand the diverse needs of different facility types and recognize that AED accessibility is a crucial factor in optimizing pre-EMS response. That’s why our dedicated account managers complete a tour of your facility to determine the most effective AED management strategy according to your property's distinct characteristics. From one AED to hundreds, partner with Premedics to ensure your organization has the AED property services it needs to save lives during sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) emergencies.

Turnkey AED System Management

Safety staff tasked with implementing and maintaining comprehensive AED system management must answer many questions related to their property: Where should I put the AEDs? What signage do I need? Am I following all of the American Heart Association’s (AHA) requirements? These considerations only multiply when there are several locations to manage.

Many environmental health services directors, business owners, pastors, gym managers, and more turn to Premedics as their knowledgeable AED readiness partner. From initial consultation and setup to long-term system management, we ensure that your organization stays compliant and is ready to act during SCA emergencies.


How it Works

Initial Consultation:
Discuss your AED system needs with our expert staff, who understand the intricacies involved with AED ownership.
Site Tour:
With either an on-site or convenient virtual tour, we’ll assess your unique property (or properties) to identify key areas and potential risks.
Tailored Solution:
Based on the tour findings, we’ll develop a customized AED management strategy tailored to your property's unique requirements.
We provide all the equipment, training, and guidance necessary to complete and maintain your AED system management program.

Industries We Serve

As the pre-EMS industry’s first and trusted AED readiness partner, we have decades of extensive experience serving all property types, from single-location churches to nationwide corporations.

Fitness and Wellness Centers
Non Profits
Healthcare Campuses

Our field specialists perform annual site reviews to ensure that your facility fulfills AED system management best practices.

Benefits of Partnering with Premedics

Premedics was founded in 1998 by a paramedic who recognized a gap in the pre-EMS market. As an AED readiness partner, we are a unique solution that combines AED equipment, training, maintenance, compliance, monitoring, and management into a single place. We act as an extension of your safety team to ensure that your organization is fully prepared to use an AED to save lives. 

Based in Brentwood, TN, on the outskirts of Nashville, our dedicated team provides nationwide service and exceptional customer care. Our clients can reach their account manager directly on the phone whenever they need support, which is often not an option with standard manufacturers and other vendors.

Our primary objective is to ensure you're prepared to save lives on the day you hope never comes. Unfortunately, we know that sudden cardiac arrests (SCAs) strike more than people think—more than 1,000 cases daily. Be confident that your staff is truly ready to step in until paramedics arrive. Our industry-leading solutions are so comprehensive that we offer multi-million dollar insurance as a testament to our unbeatable standards.

Scalable Services

Our AED system management evolves with your organization, accommodating changes in property layout or expansion plans for sustained safety preparedness.

Continuous Compliance

Your organization will exceed industry regulations and safety standards using our proven AED management system, which we keep updated as rules change.

Peace of Mind

We alleviate the burden of organizational AED maintenance, compliance, and readiness concerns through our turnkey AED property services.

To get started, Blake said, ‘Just go on your cell phone, we'll start a Zoom call, walk me around your building, and we'll tell you where we think the best place to put the AED is.’ And again, that's just more ease of mind because I could guess where it should go, and I think it should go near the track, but I wasn't sure. So having somebody who was qualified to tell me that was helpful.

James Burley

Franchise Owner, K1 Speed


Empower your organization to save lives with comprehensive AED property services.

Reach out to us today for a tailored AED system management solution that aligns seamlessly with your unique needs and safety objectives. Ensure your readiness with Premedics by your side!