The Vital Role of an AED Readiness Partner in Turnkey AED Management

Automated external defibrillator (AED) ownership is much more involved than many organizations initially expect. The pressure of staying ready to save lives and navigating ongoing legal regulations leaves no room for complacency either. That’s where an AED readiness partner steps in to ensure you have the necessary tools, skills, and processes for full preparedness to respond during sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) emergencies. Premedics is a unique market solution that acts as your “one-stop shop” to synchronize all the AED management pieces needed for an integrated pre-EMS system that is ready to save lives.

Be confident in your organization’s ability to save lives and stay compliant. Explore the comprehensive turnkey AED management and pre-EMS system solutions only a fully integrated AED readiness partner can provide.


The Significance of an AED Readiness Partner

The automated external defibrillator (AED) online marketplace doesn’t do organizations seeking to buy AEDs like churches, corporations, businesses, and gyms any favors. Being ready to perform during a sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) is more complex than buying an AED and taking CPR/AED training! Here are some things you should know.


What the AED Industry Isn't Telling You

Organizations looking to get AEDs as part of a comprehensive safety program are usually faced with fragmented solutions. AED manufacturers want to sell you the defibrillator device, distributors want to sell you replacement pads and batteries, and training centers want to sell you CPR/AED training. Then, there’s ongoing maintenance to consider on top of that, which places a large burden on your safety staff to oversee—even with remote AED management software and wireless monitoring dashboards (yet another separate line item companies will attempt to sell you and still shift the responsibility to manage it on your own). Are you ready to manage a pre-EMS resuscitation system that someone’s life has to depend on at your organization?

It’s confusing, expensive, and risky to manage these disparate pieces in-house. What commonly happens is that an organization mounts an AED on the wall and doesn’t follow through with implementing a complete AED management program that starts ready and stays ready for the day you hope never happens. AED accessories aren’t replaced, AEDs are not professionally inspected annually, trained staff leave the company, regular CPR/AED re-training is not scheduled, recollections are hazy on what to do during a sudden cardiac arrest (SCA), and AED locations are forgotten. Then, when you need your AED to be ready and emergency training most, your organization is left exposed to possibly devastating  consequences.

There is, in fact, an alternative solution to consider: an AED readiness partner like Premedics.

What to Expect from an AED Readiness Partner

An AED readiness partner acts as an extension of your safety team to ensure that your organization is fully prepared to use an AED to save lives. They guide, support, set up, train, wirelessly monitor, deploy post-AED usage support with “ready-to-go” interim AED loaner unit service, and indemnify the readiness of your program, truly offering a turnkey AED management solution. 

Instead of looking into multiple vendors for your AED needs, here’s what you gain from an AED readiness partner:

An easy-to-reach, single point of contact for professional leadership and guidance
Complete compliance in all phases of AED program readiness
Peace of mind that everything is taken care of

For Safety Directors, Facilities Managers, HR professionals, and Operations Managers—common roles entrusted with AED management—an AED readiness partner frees staff from the burdensome task of managing AEDs and instead enables them to focus on their core responsibilities.

How an AED Readiness Partner Impacts AED Management

From conducting regular inspections, managing software updates, and providing ongoing training to navigating compliance requirements, an AED readiness partner alleviates the challenges associated with AED management. This proactive solution not only enhances organizational efficiency but also provides peace of mind that your life-saving equipment is consistently ready for deployment in life-saving situations.

Consider the following responsibilities an AED readiness partner oversees versus what would fall on your internal team.

Our field specialists perform annual site reviews to ensure that your facility fulfills AED system management best practices.

AED Consultation

An AED readiness partner serves as a valuable resource for clients, offering a wealth of expertise and knowledge in the realm of automated external defibrillators (AEDs) and emergency pre-EMS response. Clients feel supported and well-informed with this collaborative relationship since they know they’re following best practices. Whether clients seek clarification on AED purchases or subscriptions, guidance on implementing AED programs, or the latest industry standards, your pre-EMS AED readiness partner serves as a reliable source of information.

  • Conducts site assessments to determine optimal AED placement
  • Offers only the latest cutting-edge wifi AEDs and switches any existing AEDs through a legacy AED buyback program
  • Provides roll-out plan and calendar
  • Designates an Account Manager to assist with all AED servicing

AED System Setup

Organizations can navigate the complexities of AED implementation with confidence knowing that all details are considered and managed by the AED readiness partner. Between medical oversight, EMS notification, AED registration, inspections, and more, such meticulous coordination on your behalf relieves anxiety about fulfilling regulatory requirements.

  • Attains physician prescription for AED ownership and usage
  • Notifies local EMS agency of AED placement
  • Advises on proper initialization per manufacturer and American Heart Association (AHA) guidelines
  • Coordinates equipment, including manufacturer-specific setup, testing, and data-entry of appropriate serial numbers and accessory expiration dates
  • Creates website AED map for use in emergency management planning

AED Maintenance

AEDs are critical assets that require careful attention to upkeep, including regular checks, battery replacements, and electrode pad monitoring. An AED readiness partner takes on the responsibility of managing these maintenance tasks proactively through wireless AED monitoring and service, sparing organizations from the burden of intricate scheduling and compliance tracking. 

  • Tracks and manages AED electrode pad and battery expiration dates and reference numbers
  • Notifies your Program Coordinator if AED tracking parameters are expired
  • Troubleshoots AED alerts and notifications
  • Offers same-day FaceTime AED support inspections
  • Performs annual professional AED inspections 

CPR/AED Training

The crucial nature of emergency response requires continuous training and reinforcement. A one-time training class is insufficient in maintaining a consistently prepared response team since people may leave, skills can diminish over time, and certifications inevitably expire. An AED readiness partner addresses this by providing regular training sessions, tracking all certifications, and ensuring your staff remains ready to save lives!

  • Provides virtual and onsite credentialing for CPR/BLS Certification
  • Instructs and performs demos on your specific AED unit
  • Tracks trained employees per AED location, level of training, and training level expiration date
  • Has low student-to-instructor ratio to ensure maximum interaction
  • Possesses expertise in the education of non-healthcare providers
  • All instructors are trained by certified healthcare providers (paramedics or nurses) and certified by the American Heart Association, thereby imparting confidence to respond in an SCA event
  • Provides a reference for state-specific laws with a checklist for program compliance
  • Updates training practices as national standards change
  • Achieves consistency across all organizational locations nationwide
  • Offers CPR, AED, first aid, and Bloodborne Pathogen and Emergency Oxygen training

Wireless AED Monitoring

Continuous wireless monitoring not only enhances the overall reliability of AEDs but also provides organizations with the peace of mind that their life-saving equipment is consistently prepared for immediate deployment when it matters most. A worst-case scenario is that your team has the knowledge to step in and act during an emergency only to find that the AED is non-functioning. Prevent unexpected failures during a critical cardiac emergency with constant wifi AED monitoring by an AED readiness partner.

  • Provides web-access program management 24/7
  • Provides wireless AED monitoring service of AED status (if applicable)
  • Manages each location-specific AED unit
  • Dedicated Account Manager for all support needs
  • Offers AED post-usage data management
  • Creates monthly, quarterly, and annual reports to identify site-specific program action items and performance
  • Ensures program compliance through required monthly dialogue with Program Coordinator
  • Automates your site-specific Program Coordinator’s responsibilities

AED Compliance

Compliance with AED industry standards, regulations, and guidelines is a multifaceted responsibility that can be challenging for organizations to navigate independently. An AED readiness partner takes a proactive role in wireless monitoring and adapting to changes in compliance requirements so organizations mitigate potential legal and financial risks.

  • Provides post-AED usage support and ER Medical Director review of ECG data
  • Meets and/or exceeds federal, state, and local AED guidelines
  • Offers ongoing medical oversight
  • Gives state-specific legal compliance support (if requested)
  • Verifies wifi AED and AED accessory readiness 

AED Indemnification

Premedics goes beyond the standard service offering by providing clients with a crucial layer of security in the event of legal challenges. Our Professional Service Product Liability policy is specifically tailored to indemnify our clients' AED Programs, offering a robust shield against potential lawsuits. In the unfortunate event that legal issues arise, clients can rest assured knowing they have a dedicated and comprehensive protection plan in place. This security not only safeguards their AED programs but also alleviates the potential financial and legal implications associated with managing such critical life-saving equipment. 

By choosing Premedics, clients gain more than a service provider—they gain a strategic partner committed to ensuring their peace of mind and security in the face of unforeseen challenges.

  • $3M Medical Professional Liability Policy

Post-Event Support

The aftermath of an AED deployment is a critical phase in the overall emergency response process. After an AED has been deployed in a rescue, several vitally important steps must be taken. From refreshing the pads and batteries to ECG analysis and completing physician reporting, an AED readiness partner facilitates your organization’s smooth return to a fully operational state.

  • Ships ready-to-go wifi AED (same make and model) overnight after the event
  • Downloads data for medical review
  • Provides post-AED usage support and ER Medical Director review of ECG data
  • Files all required usage reporting
  • Post-event follow-up and consultation by a clinical specialist
Streamline AED Management with an AED Readiness Partner

Find out why organizations from small gyms to large corporations are deciding to work with an AED readiness partner for turnkey AED management solutions. Download our checklist to learn all of the items that an AED readiness partner like Premedics takes off your safety team's plate.


A Closer Look at Partnering with Premedics

Premedics launched the AED management space in 1998 by a paramedic who recognized the gap in the pre-EMS market. We are the premier partner for organizational AED readiness, truly becoming an extension of your safety team to ensure readiness in case of a sudden cardiac arrest (SCA). Learn why hundreds of organizations choose to be protected by Premedics:

• Unparalleled Customer Service

• Legal Indemnification

• EMS-Praiseworthy Preparedness

• Cost-Effective

• AED Brand Agnostic

• Legacy AED Buyback Program

Unparalleled Customer Service

Premedics stands out in providing unparalleled customer service, setting ourselves apart with a commitment to accessibility and personalized support. Operating locally in Brentwood, TN, just outside of Nashville but offering nationwide service, our dedicated team prioritizes direct communication. Clients can speak to a knowledgeable professional whenever needed—a level of engagement often missed with manufacturers or other vendors. 

Our #1 goal is to help you be ready to save lives on the day you hope never comes. We pay great attention and care to your readiness from start to finish, doing whatever is necessary so you are consistently covered. In one client’s case after an AED usage, the loaner AED unit we overnighted to them was used the very next day to save another life! 

Legal Indemnification
There’s an unfortunate myth circulating that promotes AED ownership as risky, and therefore it’s better not to have them at all. We understand the intimidating nature of AEDs and the pressure to step in during emergencies. However, there are Good Samaritan laws specifically designed to protect the brave people who take action in the face of danger. Organizations that follow American Heart Association (AHA) AED program implementation and other regulatory institution guidelines should have no fear of liability, such as those using Premedics’ comprehensive AED Manager™.

We also put our money where our mouth is…As a unique offering, we have a multi-million dollar policy option to cover your organization in the case of retaliatory legal action post-AED usage. Indemnification Sync™️ provides additional peace of mind so you can focus on what really matters: saving lives!

EMS-Praiseworthy Preparedness

Especially because our founder is a paramedic with extensive emergency-response experience, we are intimately familiar with what’s needed during a sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) event. We take every precaution to make sure your team is fully ready and confident, including AED device-specific trainings and scenario practices.

Our clients are so prepared that EMS personnel are regularly impressed by the team’s efficient and fast response prior to paramedic arrival. Many clients must wait several minutes, which seems like forever, before EMS arrives on scene. Since every minute without defibrillation decreases SCA survival rate by 10%, it’s imperative to step in immediately. EMS responders have often never seen such preparedness before experiencing a Premedics Protected organization.


Our monthly subscription service is much like an AED leasing or rental program, offering comprehensive and turnkey AED management for an all-inclusive price. Plus, given that buying a wireless AED costs thousands of dollars and regular accessory replacement is in the hundreds, the subscription gives you more value while saving money.

A subscription allows your organization to avoid hefty upfront costs. Whether you need an entirely new AED to replace one after deployment or one that’s obsolete, your monthly price doesn’t change. The same goes for new pads and batteries. You don’t need to worry about missing new AED features or software updates because we handle everything for you, offering only the latest wifi AED technology. Our industry-leading wireless AED monitoring and servicing include comfort that you’re staying compliant and your team is ready to save lives.

AED Brand Agnostic

There are many popular brand names of wifi AEDs in the marketplace and Premedics is brand agnostic, ensuring that our clients receive the most suitable AED solution for their circumstances. This approach distinguishes us from wholesalers and manufacturers who may prioritize a particular brand or feature for their own benefit. By remaining neutral, Premedics can recommend AEDs solely based on the unique requirements of each client, considering factors such as budget constraints, operational preferences, and regulatory compliance.

All of our wifi AEDs are high-quality with remote wireless monitoring and servicing capability. Discuss your needs with a Premedics specialist today to tailor a program for your needs.

Legacy AED Buyback Program

Premedics' legacy AED buyback program operates as a seamless solution for organizations seeking to upgrade their AED equipment while ensuring the responsible disposal of outdated devices. Through this initiative, organizations can trade in their legacy AEDs, regardless of brand or model, in exchange for credit towards the purchase of newer, more advanced units.

We offer the legacy AED buyback program as a testament to our commitment to safety and saving lives. Our program makes upgrading to state-of-the-art wireless AED technology easy to access and more affordable for organizations, promoting enhanced readiness for sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) emergencies.

Industries We Serve

As the pre-EMS industry’s first and trusted AED readiness partner, we have decades of extensive experience serving all property types, from single-location churches to nationwide corporations.

Non Profits
Healthcare Facilities
Sporting Arenas

Premedics became a partner to CBL & Associates Management, Inc. (CBL) two years ago, initially providing AED and Oxygen response units, requisite training and retraining, and thoroughly successful service to our portfolio of 29 malls in 26 states plus our corporate office here in Chattanooga, TN. Since then, our company has grown exponentially and Premedics has continued to provide the full complement of support and services to meet our current portfolio of more than 50 malls in 27 states.

Francisco Rojas
Operations Coordinator, CBL & Associates Management, Inc.

We wanted a true partner—not just a vendor—with a high level of expertise and professionalism as well as quality programs for ongoing support who can uphold our commitment to the safety of the families we serve. We consider Premedics our partner in life-safety.

Stephen Tammaro
YMCA Group Vice President, Middle Tennessee YMCA

I considered purchasing the unit, but then I was a little worried about the liability of maintaining the system. With Premedics, you don't have to buy it upfront (we had just opened up so a monthly payment was important to us) and then the fact that they were going to replace pads if we needed them or swap the machine if we needed to I thought was good for us because then we don't have to worry about it. It's a life-saving device…I don't want to skimp on that kind of stuff. It was just better to let somebody else handle it for us so I'm happy with that service.

James Burley
Franchise Owner, K1 Speed

I have particular experience in AEDs because I was a firefighter paramedic for 20+ years. I was sold on Premedics because the owner is a paramedic too and they were of the same mindset as I was. Premedics is a turnkey solution with exceptional customer service. We have backup pads and batteries in our office. I mean, they just went above and beyond anything Cintas or any of the other big companies would have done.

Andy Brousseau
Director of Safety, Serta Simmons

Gain peace of mind with Premedics as your AED readiness partner.

You'll have everything your organization needs to be ready, and stay ready, to save lives!