AED Sales and Subscriptions

With flexible options including automated external defibrillators (AEDs) for sale and comprehensive rental and leasing subscriptions, we’ll ensure your organization receives the quality wifi AEDs it needs to stay safe and compliant. As the industry’s trusted AED readiness partner, Premedics will equip you with exactly what you need—nothing more and nothing less—so you’re fully prepared to save lives before the paramedics arrive.
You're Doing a Good Thing

You’ve taken the first step to proactively protect the lives of colleagues, friends, family, and many others. Sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) unfortunately claims the lives of more than 350,000 people annually in the United States. The availability of a functional AED onsite, plus a CPR/AED trained individual who knows how to use it, can save lives in those precious minutes prior to paramedic 911 arrival.

How Getting an AED Works

In order to buy an AED or acquire them in any way for your organization, there are a few legal protocols to keep in mind. Getting an AED involves:

Strategically determining the appropriate quantity and optimal placement of AEDs on your premises according to regulations.
Receiving physician authorization to allow the Class III Medical Devices (the AEDs) on your premises and for post-AED usage ECG review.
Implementing clear signage to effectively communicate the precise locations of your defibrillators for quick accessibility.
Conducting routine and systematic maintenance checks to verify consistent operational status of the AEDs.
Providing American Heart Association (AHA) compliant training for those onsite to know how to use the AEDs in the case of an emergency.
All of these steps are included as part of an AED management program, which is required by the American Heart Association (AHA). Specifications may vary based on each state’s Good Samaritan laws, facility type, property size, and traffic count.

No matter whether you buy, subscribe, or require a tailored Premedics package, all of our industry-leading AED solutions will keep your organization compliant with local and federal laws surrounding AED ownership.

We offer a legacy AED buyback program to make switching to the latest wifi-enabled, wirelessly monitored and serviced AEDs easy and affordable.


AED System Subscriptions

Experience the convenience of turnkey AED management with one of our system subscriptions. Investing in Premedics’ AED rental or leasing options saves money considering annual battery replacements, regular pad swap-outs, and the fact that AEDs become obsolete after a few years. Our monthly fees are all-inclusive and we’ll send you the accessories you need when you need them—whether it’s time for new batteries (typically a few hundred dollars) or you need an entirely new AED to replace one after deployment. Small businesses particularly appreciate that there aren't thousands of dollars in upfront costs. Your safety staff will gain peace of mind with us handling all AED maintenance and compliance wirelessly on your organization’s behalf.

Affordable Monthly Price
No Upfront Costs
Turnkey Maintenance & Compliance
Peace of Mind

Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) for Sale

We recognize that when it comes to saving lives, you need the most reliable and high-quality equipment possible. That’s why we are brand agnostic when it comes to the AEDs we sell. No partnerships exist between us and the AED manufacturers, so we’ll never sell an AED without the Premedics seal of approval. We offer remote wireless AED monitoring and servicing capabilities for every major AED brand. Need child capacity or live coaching feedback for the highest quality CPR? Whatever your unique team requires, we have the system to match! You’ll get best-in-class AEDs every time when you partner with Premedics.

Brand Agnostic
Remote Wireless Monitoring Capabilities
Cutting-Edge Features
High-Quality Equipment
AED Sync

AED Sync™ is an integral part of Premedics' comprehensive AED management system. AED Sync™ ensures constant wireless AED monitoring and servicing, facilitates monthly reviews of AED readiness, and sends expiration reminders for pads or batteries. Gain peace of mind with an annual onsite verification by a Premedics field specialist who confirms AED Sync™ status, addresses recalls, and conducts software updates as needed.

AED Accessories

Our fully stocked AED accessories include everything from high-quality replacement pads and batteries to essential wall cases and signage. We are our client’s one-stop solution for all AED accessory requirements, ensuring that your organization has what it needs for effective AED management.


Need an AED? Simple Pricing with No Fuss.

option 1$59/mo
  • Per AED
  • All AED Equipment Provided
  • AED Management Plan
  • Comprehensive AED Management Service
  • Wireless Monitoring
  • Annual Professional Inspection
  • Post-Usage Support
  • Pad & Battery Resupply Included (Most FDA-approved AED models)
option 2$99/mo
  • Per AED
  • Option 1 Plus…
  • Pad & Battery Resupply Included
  • Annual Professional Inspection
  • (Ask about our Legacy AED Buyback Credit if you are looking to upgrade yours!)
option 3$139/mo
  • Per AED
  • Training and Certifications Package
  • Option 1 Plus...
  • CPR/AED Training and Certification through the American Heart Association.

Need additional pricing info? Get in touch for custom and high-volume pricing.

Our Service Commitment

Helping you save lives is our passion, and when you partner with Premedics, we become an extension of your team.

Guided Support

Each of our clients has a direct phone number to reach their dedicated Premedics specialist. We’re happy to answer any and all questions so you feel confident with your AEDs.

Easy Setup

All it takes is a Zoom walkthrough of your location for us to recommend compliant AED quantity and placement. We ship your equipment fast so you’re up and running in no time.

No Headaches

Founded by a paramedic in 1998, we created and developed the AED program management market. Our team knows the ins and outs of AED programs so you’ll never miss a beat.

Invest in Safety.

Explore Premedics AED solutions today for ultimate peace of mind, industry-leading AED management, and a proactive approach to protecting lives in your organization.

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