AED Indemnification

In the realm of emergency preparedness, the stakes are high, and the need for a comprehensive automated external defibrillator (AED) management program is non-negotiable. As organizations prioritize the well-being of their members and visitors, the absence of proper AED indemnification can potentially expose them to liabilities in the event of AED usage. At Premedics, we recognize the potential challenges and uncertainties associated with AED management. That's why we go beyond standard offerings to provide AED Indemnification Sync™—an invaluable layer of protection that shields our clients from the unforeseen. In this dynamic landscape where every second counts, our commitment to offering extra peace of mind through AED Indemnification Sync™ ensures that your organization is not only prepared to save lives but is also safeguarded against potential legal and financial implications.
Protect Your Organization from AED Liability

While automated external defibrillators (AEDs) are life-saving devices crucial for responding to sudden cardiac arrests (SCAs), the ownership and use of AEDs come with inherent liabilities. In the unfortunate event that an AED is deployed, and despite best efforts, the SCA victim does not survive, organizations may face legal challenges. Premedics understands the gravity of these potential liabilities and offers AED program readiness indemnification to provide essential legal protection. AED Indemnification Sync™ serves as a vital safety net for organizations navigating the complexities of owning and using AEDs.


Premedics Indemnification Sync™

Our commitment to legal compliance and operational readiness is so unwavering that, for AEDs integrated into the AED Sync™ network, we offer an indemnification policy of $3 million. This policy underscores our confidence in the compliance and readiness of the organizations leveraging our AED Sync™ program. Each location's monthly AED status reports, AED Sync™ documentation, Property Sync™ documentation, Trained Team Sync™ documentation, and Compliance Sync™ documentation are diligently stored and archived to provide a comprehensive overview of your organization's preparedness.

Expert Legal Support

Organizations have the necessary resources and guidance to navigate legal proceedings effectively with access to the expert legal support that accompanies AED Indemnification™.

Multi-Million Dollar Coverage

AED Indemnification Sync™ offers financial security by covering the costs associated with legal proceedings, settlements, and defense, allowing organizations to confidently address legal claims without compromising their financial stability.

Peace of Mind

The legal protection against potential legal challenges, liabilities, and uncertainties associated with sudden cardiac emergencies provided by AED Indemnification Sync™ provides organizations with overall peace of mind.

Protect Your Organization

AED Indemnification Sync™ offers a robust shield to safeguard your organization from a spectrum of potential legal challenges and liabilities that may arise in the aftermath of an AED use, such as:

Liability for SCA Outcome

If, despite proper use of the AED, the sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) victim does not survive, AED Indemnification Sync™ adds another layer protecting your organization from potential liability claims.

Alleged AED Malfunction

Manufacturers are held to high FDA standards and typically indemnify their own AEDs, however, the burden of providing proof of device readiness falls on the end-user, which AED indemnification covers.

Non-Compliance Allegations

If an organization is accused of non-compliance with AED-related regulations or industry standards, AED Indemnification Sync™ steps in to provide legal defense.

Third-Party Claims

AED Indemnification™ extends protection to cover third-party claims, such as claims from individuals or entities not directly associated with the organization.

Legal Defense Costs

In the event of an SCA where an AED is used, AED Indemnification Sync™ covers legal defense costs.


Take the proactive step to safeguard your organization with Premedics AED Indemnification Sync™.

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