Phases of Service

It’s easy to get started with a turnkey AED management system from Premedics.

We take a three-step approach to ensuring your organization has exactly what it needs for comprehensive AED management. Because we are the industry’s leading AED readiness partner, you can be confident that you’ll get all of your AED needs met in one place.

Here’s how we do it.

Phase 1


Unparalleled Customer Service and AED Expertise.

The first phase largely consists of learning about your organization and its AED needs so we can propose a tailored solution. Our experts will act as an extension of your safety team and handle all AED details so you don’t have to worry about whether something was missed.


Account Manager Assignment

When you reach out for a complimentary, no-obligation consultation, we’ll pair you with a dedicated account manager who will remain your point of contact moving forward. We believe the best customer service comes when you’re working with the same person repeatedly. Your account manager will truly understand your specific organization’s AED needs, system, and people.

Site Roll Out Plan

Your account manager will ask questions and/or perform a virtual walkthrough of your site with you to determine the specific AED needs of your facility, including the optimal number and locations of AED installations based on your unique building characteristics. Then, we’ll create your custom rollout calendar incorporating your goals and timeframe. We’ll also determine the number of trained team members needed to protect lives at your location since the defibrillators are only one piece of the total picture.


Phase 2


Comprehensive and Compliant AED Program Rollout.

Your AED system rollout calendar will be put into action during the Implementation Phase. This includes your dedicated account manager procuring your AED technology and coordinating the delivery of the AED equipment with your on-site inspection and training.


AED Delivery and Setup

We’ll ship your AED equipment to your organization’s specified AED Coordinator to ensure they are accounted for and received appropriately. When your system arrives, the AED will be active and ready-to-go! We can also assist with site optimization and installation as needed. All of our AED installations are geo-tagged to the international registry for you, providing your facility with an AED Registry App™ and Locator for the campus so the nearest verified ready AED installation is easy to find in an emergency.

AED Training/Certification

Your AED training equipment will arrive no more than two days in advance of your scheduled onsite training to reduce site liability. At that point, Premedics’ specialists will provide the AHA Heartsaver CPR/AED training, AHA Heartsaver First Aid with CPR/AED, or AHA BLS for Healthcare Provider CPR/AED training (whichever your organization specified with the rollout plan). Our training goal is for your team to gain the confidence it needs to respond effectively during a sudden cardiac arrest—and that comes through excellent instruction and regular CPR/AED scenario practice. This is why all Premedics Field Implementation Specialists have been trained by nurses or paramedics.


AED System Portal Walkthrough

To wrap up the Implementation Phase, your Premedics system specialist will walk you through the AED Manager™ system. Here you’ll find a dashboard of all your AED’s statuses 24/7. It is also where your AED Coordinator will sign in to fulfill the ongoing monthly AED Status Update in the system.

Phase 3


Total Peace of Mind with Premedics.

EHS Directors and safety leaders will experience frictionless AED maintenance by partnering with Premedics. Our proprietary AED Manager™ system automates many tasks and provides total peace of mind coupled with Premedics’ oversight.


Expiration Alerts

Never miss an expired pad or battery. These crucial items are tracked via the Premedics system and your site’s AED Coordinator will receive automatic reminders when these accessories require updating. We will ship them as needed right to your doorstep so you don’t waste time tracking down non-responsive vendors for ordering or battle supply chain issues. The same goes for the defibrillator devices themselves, which face obsolescence every few years. Our all-inclusive monthly pricing means that your budget remains unimpacted by what would be hundreds or thousands of dollars in routine expenses. The Premedics AED management makes it easy to track CPR/AED certifications for your entire team as well, sending reminders as certifications are nearing expiration.

Constant Wireless Monitoring

The latest wireless AED technology makes constant monitoring possible. All of your AEDs within the Premedics system have careful oversight to ensure their functionality. The system will send reminders for your AED Coordinator to perform a monthly visual AED check to ensure your location starts ready and stays ready. Any AED recalls or software updates are tracked for you so you always stay compliant and ready. We are here to provide support whenever you need it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Post-Deployment Support

Your Account Manager will automatically activate Premedics’ post-event services after you notify us that an AED has been used. As you ship us the used defibrillator, we’ll send you a loaner device so you have full safety continuity. We’ll acquire the ECG data from the used AED and send it via PDF directly to our medical team for review while we simultaneously get your AED ready for use and returned. Premedics’ clinical team will schedule a post-event team conference call to go over any continuous quality recommendations noted by our system specialist or clinical director based on the ECG data.

AED Indemnification

Legal and risk management teams everywhere appreciate our unique AED indemnification offering, which offers robust protection against legal repercussions. It’s our multi-million dollar insurance policy that extends to AEDs within our managed network on the off chance someone challenges the readiness of your AEDs.


Annual Premedics Site Visit

Expect extra confidence in the readiness of your pre-EMS system with an annual site visit by a Premedics specialist. We will physically inspect your AED equipment, provide AED orientation and scenario practice, plus revisit the goals of your original AED rollout plan to adapt as needed. We’ll ensure your staff is continually ready to respond and your population is protected in a sudden cardiac arrest emergency.

With over 25 years of experience pioneering the AED management and readiness market, over 1,00,000 lives today are protected by Premedics.

Our #1 passion is helping you save lives. We believe that anyone—whether a healthcare provider or layperson—can step in and be a hero during those crucial minutes before EMS arrive. The key is having advance preparation that includes high-quality AEDs, an effective way to manage them, and practical training for complete readiness. Our team would consider it an honor to partner with your organization to protect even more lives. Contact us to start a conversation today.