Every excellent pre-EMS system begins with great planning. Premedics will research and create the best plan for your company, campus or community. Our on-site system consultants will take into account the specific characteristics of the facilities you intend to protect, determining the optimal number and locations of AED installations and technology for your facility. Your account manager is assigned to your location during this phase, and we develop your roll-out calendar and plan based on your goals and your timetable.

Best Practice Leader: Based in Dallas, Texas, ClubCorp is one of the world’s largest owners and managers of private golf, country, business, sports and alumni clubs in North America. ClubCorp engaged Premedics in 2003 to develop a comprehensive portfolio-wide AED Management process. Premedics assessed each property’s needs and then developed and implemented the nationwide roll-out plan. ClubCorp’s pre-EMS system now protects thousands of lives daily and has saved many lives since its inception.

Article: ClubCorp in Occupational Health & Safety


During this phase, the Premedics team implements the roll-out plan according to the calendar we develop with you. Your dedicated account manager procures your AED technology, coordinates the delivery of the AED equipment with your on-site inspection and training, and determines the number of trained team members needed to protect lives at your location.

On the date of on-site service, Premedics’ system specialists initialize all AED units and verify that the AED installation is ready. Premedics’ specialists will provide the AHA Heartsaver CPR/AED training, AHA Heartsaver First Aid with CPR/AED, or AHA BLS for Healthcare Provider CPR/AED training (as specified by client). Our training goal is that your team gains the confidence to respond effectively — and that comes through excellent instruction and periodic CPR/AED scenario practice.

Best Practice Leader: HCA Physician Services

Your Premedics system specialist also walks you through the AED Manager™ system, so that you are able to provide the ongoing monthly AED Status updates in the system.

Finally, we geo-tag all your AED installations to the international registry, providing your facility with an AED Registry App™ and Locator for the campus, so that the nearest verified ready AED installation is easy to find in an emergency.

Best Practice Leader: HCA Physician Services employs nearly 3,000 providers nationwide, and it handles physician strategy, employment, recruiting, and practice management for the company. HCA Physician Services engaged Premedics in 2010 to implement AED Management best practices in each physician and clinic office nationwide. Premedics currently serves more than 675 HCA Physician Services clinics.


AED Services and PED management on-siteOnce your pre-EMS system is in place, Premedics provides all the ongoing maintenance and updates, so you don’t have to worry.

Pre-EMS system management includes:
  • Dedicated account management
  • Management automation
  • System indemnification
  • Readiness monitoring
  • System support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Your facility’s AED coordinator will receive a monthly reminder to login and update the AED Status in the system. This process ensures that each location starts ready and stays ready.

Your facility’s AED coordinator will also receive ongoing reminders of AED pads and batteries expiring, trained team CPR/AED certifications expiring, and notices of AED recalls or science guideline updates.

When a client notifies us that an AED is deployed or used at a facility, the Premedics Account Manager automatically activates Premedics’ post-event services, including returning the AED for ECG data acquisition and receiving a loaner AED. Once the ECG data is downloaded from the client’s AED, a PDF of the ECG is sent to our PremedicsMD™ for review, and then the client’s AED is readied for use and returned to the client. Premedics’ clinical team will schedule a post-event team conference call to go over any continuous quality recommendations noted by our system specialist or clinical director.

Each year, the Premedics staff also schedules a site visit for your facility, focused on inspection, AED orientation, and scenario practice. We will also revisit the original plan to see if your facility has new goals or needs, to ensure your staff is ready to respond and your population is protected in a medical emergency.

Best Practice Leader: Vanderbilt University, a private university consistently ranked as one of the nation’s top 20 universities by publications such as U.S. News & World Report, employs more than 3,100 full-time faculty and a staff of more than 23,000. Vanderbilt engaged Premedics in 2011 to locate all AEDs on campus and roll-up the AED installations into a campus-wide best practice AED pre-EMS system. Premedics qualified and quantified all existing legacy AEDs on campus and then made recommendations on strategic placement of new AED technology. Vanderbilt is the first university to benefit from Premedics’ AED Registry App, providing Vanderbilt students, faculty, and staff real-time, verified ready AED locations campus-wide.

Best Practice Leader: Vanderbilt University