AED Sync™️

The complexities of automated external defibrillator (AED) ownership unfortunately get overlooked even with the best of intentions. Battery expiration, pad usage, recalls, device obsolescence, and AED software updates can all jeopardize the effectiveness of your AED management program. When lives are on the line, you can’t leave your organization’s AED functionality to chance. Rely on the pre-EMS industry’s trusted AED monitoring and management solution, Premedics AED Sync™️, to ensure your preparedness.

85% of companies

that choose to implement and maintain their own AED programs are not ready to handle medical emergencies involving sudden cardiac arrest three years later.

Ease the Burden of AED Maintenance

Adding automated external defibrillators (AEDs) to your safety program is proactive and responsible. However, a “set-it-and-forget-it” attitude undermines your commendable goal to protect lives. A comprehensive AED management program is much more robust than simply hanging AEDs on the wall!

Safety and EHS Directors have the responsibility of maintaining these Class III medical devices, which entails multiple ongoing considerations like:

Accessory Expiration

Multiple AED components, including pads and batteries, have regular expiration cycles. Pad conductivity and adhesive gel effectiveness decrease over time and usually require replacement after a period of two years. AED batteries similarly lose charge after a few years, although the time frame varies by defibrillator type.

Equipment Obsolescence

AEDs, like any technology, have a finite lifespan. They also experience a rapid pace of advancement, which is crucial to maintain in the healthcare space. What was once considered cutting-edge may become outdated when innovative features and designs, such as Wi-Fi-enabled AEDs or touchscreen capabilities, enter the marketplace.

Software Updates

Manufacturers periodically release software updates to enhance the overall performance of AEDs. These updates may include improvements to the device's diagnostic capabilities, energy delivery algorithms, and user interface. Organizations must implement these updates as required by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA).

Supply Chain Delays

Organizations seeking replacement accessories or new defibrillators may face supply chain disruptions. Specific manufacturers often produce specific components in various regions, making it difficult to quickly receive critical pieces to keep AEDs functioning. A lapse in AED coverage may then compromise your organization’s compliance.

Servicing Capability

There has to be a system to efficiently diagnose, maintain, and track expiration dates for each AED. It is often overwhelming for an in-house individual to monitor repairs, which only increases in difficulty with every AED onsite. Manufacturer representatives can also be challenging to reach on the phone to assist with troubleshooting and ordering accessories.

Failure to comply with state and local Good Samaritan Laws and FDA requirements, as well as American Heart Association's (AHA) recommendations, leaves your organization susceptible to legal repercussions. With the challenges of accurate, manual, long-term tracking and your safety staff’s competing obligations, handling AED maintenance and servicing in-house can be a considerable commitment.
AED expired pads and low battery

Almost half of reported AED failures to the FDA occur due to expired pads and low battery power.


Wireless AED Monitoring with AED Sync™️

AED Sync™️ offers organizations peace of mind with constant remote AED monitoring. Premedics handles AED management responsibilities on behalf of your safety team so no maintenance or service falls through the cracks, ensuring that your organization remains ready to save lives.

AED Sync™️ has got you covered.

Wireless Monitoring
With our AED Sync™️ cabinet hardware and WiFi-enabled AED devices, we offer real-time oversight and prompt intervention to maintain AED functionality and readiness in life-saving emergencies.
Saves Time and Resources
Your EHS Director will thank you for streamlined AED management through AED Sync™️, which includes automated tasks for tracking pad and battery expiration in addition to monthly status check reminders.
Ensures Compliance
AED Sync™️ keeps AEDs consistently in compliance with industry standards, mitigating legal and regulatory risks for organizations and enhancing overall safety preparedness.
Offers Scalability
Whether an organization manages one AED, a large network of defibrillators, or plans on growing AED volume in the future, AED Sync™️ meets the needs of small businesses to corporations.
Man looking at AED data

AED Sync™️ Key Features

  • Proper registration of AED serial numbers
  • 24/7 web-access program management
  • Automated tracking of pad and battery expiration
  • Automated tracking of device obsolescence
  • Automated AED accessory expiration reminders
  • Delivery of necessary accessories and units
  • Automated monthly onsite defibrillator status check
  • Annual status verification by Premedics specialist
  • Software update detection and installation
  • Complete strategic site-specific assessment
  • Designated Premedics Account Manager and support staff

I had never owned an AED device and didn't know what it took to maintain them. Blake explained it’s pretty simple: ‘If you use the pads, we send you new pads. If the light says the battery is bad, we send you a new unit.’ But I didn’t know anything about this. So Premedics gave me a little bit of comfort in knowing that they knew the device and I could rely upon them so I didn't have to learn. I didn't have to worry that I was doing the wrong thing with the device, because again, it's a life-saving device it’s not like a go-cart tire.

James Burley
Franchise Owner, K1 Speed

How it Works

  1. Reach out to our pre-EMS specialists to discuss your needs.
  2. Receive an onsite or virtual site assessment for AED placement.
  3. Premedics will ship new AEDs or connect existing ones.
  4. AED Sync™️ tracks the health and maintenance of all AED units.
  5. Enjoy peace of mind with your comprehensive AED management system!

Take the first step towards streamlining AED management and enhancing emergency preparedness. Contact our team today to learn more about how AED Sync™️ can work for your organization.

AED Sync™️ FAQs

Can AED Sync™️ be customized for different organizational needs?

Yes, AED Sync™️ is designed to be scalable and customizable, catering to the specific needs of different organizations. Whether managing one AED or a network of devices, the system can be tailored to fit the requirements of the organization.

Is AED Sync™️ compatible with different AED models and brands?

Yes, AED Sync™️ is brand-agnostic and can be integrated with all popular AED models and brands. Its flexibility allows it to work seamlessly with different devices within an organization's AED fleet.

What kind of customer support is provided for AED Sync™️ users?

In contrast to other vendors, AED Sync™️ users benefit from a dedicated Premedics Account Manager and support staff who provide users with personalized assistance for any inquiries or issues.

How long does it take to have an up-and-running system with AED Sync™️?

The time it takes from start to finish to implement AED Sync™️ can vary depending on several factors, including the size of the organization, the number of AEDs to be managed, and the existing infrastructure. However, in many cases, organizations can expect to have the system operational within a relatively short time frame, often a matter of weeks.

I don’t have any AEDs. Can I buy AEDs from Premedics?

As the pre-EMS industry’s trusted AED readiness partner, we will get you everything you need for holistic AED management. We offer AED sales and subscriptions for leasing and rental.


Unlock the key to being truly ready to save lives!

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