Why Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) Managers Need an AED Readiness Partner

Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Managers play a pivotal role in ensuring workplace safety by meticulously overseeing various initiatives to safeguard employees and organizational well-being. From hazard assessments to emergency protocols, their duties are multifaceted and demanding. Among these responsibilities lies the crucial task of managing automated external defibrillators (AEDs) to protect individuals suffering from sudden cardiac arrest (SCA).

The challenge is that AED management adds another layer of complexity to an already rigorous workload. Accessory expiration, device obsolescence, compliance, and other AED details require steadfast diligence, which is often difficult to accomplish considering competing priorities. However, by outsourcing AED management to a trusted AED readiness partner like Premedics, EHS Managers can alleviate the strain on internal resources. An AED readiness partner will act as an extension of the organization’s safety team to ensure AED functionality, compliance, and preparedness. The EHS Manager can then dedicate that time towards their core safety initiatives while having peace of mind that all aspects of AED management are expertly addressed. Learn more about what EHS Managers can expect when working with Premedics.

Easy and Consistent AED Program Rollout

Whether you're embarking on the initial implementation of AEDs in your workplace or undergoing a comprehensive overhaul of your existing AED program, navigating a complex landscape of legal considerations is imperative. These considerations stem from regulatory bodies such as the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), the American Heart Association (AHA), and specific state laws governing AED usage and maintenance. Plus, the complexity of managing compliance with these legal considerations only grows as the number of locations and AEDs within your organization increases.

Independently maintaining compliance and building a comprehensive AED management program involves substantial coordination between multiple vendors. Phone calls, logistics, and tracking all compound the amount of time and energy required from EHS Managers. On the other hand, partnering with Premedics simplifies the process since we’re your go-to expert that handles everything on your behalf.

With our AED subscription services, you have the flexibility to lease or rent wifi AEDs, saving valuable financial resources while ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements. We provide virtual walkthroughs tailored to your site to determine the optimal quantity and location of AEDs so you don’t have to. Best of all, we are a scalable wireless AED monitoring and service solution serving small businesses to large corporations. Our AED management solutions will grow as you grow and offer consistency across each of your locations. Rather than relying on guesswork to determine if all the details and AED management structures are correct, you can be confident!

Effortless AED Maintenance

Given their expertise in safety protocols, EHS managers are well aware of the challenges of maintaining AEDs, which include monitoring accessory expiration dates, managing unit obsolescence, and staying current with software updates mandated by the FDA. 

Premedics makes AED maintenance easy with AED Sync™️, which consolidates and tracks maintenance schedules of all organizational AEDs into a single place. We send EHS Managers automated monthly emails to check their AEDs’ statuses along with reminders for accessory expiration. When a replacement is needed, we send it right to your doorstep—without you having to ask first. All battery, pad, or defibrillator replacement costs are included in our monthly price, so you don’t need to sacrifice defibrillator maintenance to save money. We handle any necessary software updates and make annual site visits as an added precaution to confirm your defibrillator readiness. Proactive maintenance like this ensures that AEDs remain fully operational at all times. 

“Premedics was meticulous. We have backup pads and batteries in our office. I mean, they just went above and beyond anything Cintas or any of the other big companies would have done.” - Andy Brousseau, Director of Safety, Serta Simmons

Stress-Free AED Compliance

Ensuring AED compliance is a paramount concern for businesses, with the stakes so high that some companies may hesitate to invest in AEDs altogether. However, we firmly believe that the greater risk lies in not having these life-saving devices readily available. Our subscription services mitigate legal concerns as the responsibility for AED compliance shifts to us. EHS Managers can focus on their core operations with confidence knowing that our team monitors and manages their AEDs.

All AEDs included in our subscription services are equipped with cutting-edge wifi technology and wirelessly monitored through our proprietary AED Sync™️ system. This industry-leading framework provides real-time alerts to our team in the event of any compliance breaches or issues, allowing for swift intervention and resolution. Moreover, as your dedicated AED readiness partner, we undertake the responsibility of staying ahead of any changes in laws or regulations impacting AED compliance. Your AEDs remain fully compliant and aligned with evolving legal requirements as part of our comprehensive monitored network.

Lawsuit Indemnification

In the rare event that legal action is pursued against a company due to AED malpractice, we provide an added layer of protection through our unique offering of a multi-million dollar insurance policy specifically covering Premedics wirelessly monitored and serviced AEDs. This distinctive feature demonstrates our unwavering commitment to our clients' safety and well-being. By backing our services with this substantial insurance coverage, we go above and beyond to safeguard our clients against potential liabilities, giving legal teams extra peace of mind regarding litigation concerns. We hope that offering this supplemental security encourages more organizations to have AEDs onsite, as doing so will ultimately save more lives.

Turnkey AED Management

Beyond AED setup, maintenance, and compliance, the crucial aspect of CPR/AED training is essential for EHS Managers to manage effectively. At Premedics, we pride ourselves on being a comprehensive one-stop solution for all AED-related needs, including AED training. Our CPR/AED training programs surpass the standards set by the American Heart Association (AHA) and are facilitated by certified instructors who bring real-world experience to the table. With our founder's background as a paramedic, we have an intimate understanding of the components involved in ensuring the success of CPR/AED training initiatives.

When you partner with Premedics, you're not just gaining access to top-notch training; you're also receiving personalized attention and support. Each client is assigned a dedicated Account Manager who serves as a reliable point of contact, readily available to address any questions or concerns that may arise. This eliminates the need for EHS Managers to waste valuable time tracking down multiple vendors or dealing with unresponsive contacts. You can rest assured that all your AED-related needs are in expert hands with us as your trusted partner, allowing you to focus on other critical aspects of workplace safety with confidence.

Empowering EHS Managers

Working with an AED readiness partner like Premedics offers Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Managers a turnkey option for AED management. We provide expertise in all stages of AED ownership from initial program setup to ongoing maintenance, offering peace of mind and freeing EHS Managers to focus on their core safety initiatives. 

“Premedics is a turnkey solution. Chris kept on saying, ‘I'll take care of it. I got it,’ and immediately went into just taking a whole lot off my plate. Which, at that point, I don’t even care about the money, this is worth it for me not to have to micromanage. We were up, running, and compliant within a few months, which is a pretty big deal considering we have 20 plants averaging two to three AEDs in each facility.” - Andy Brousseau, Director of Safety, Serta Simmons

As pre-EMS industry leaders since 1998, our passion is helping organizations save lives. We believe anyone can be a hero and step in during a sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) emergency before paramedics arrive. Our comprehensive AED monitoring and service solutions enable organizations with the system they need to truly be prepared for the day they hope never comes. Let’s work together to create a safer environment for all individuals within your organization! Take advantage of our legacy AED buyback program to easily switch to the industry’s latest cutting-edge wifi AEDs.