What Is an AED Readiness Partner?

Within the automated external defibrillator (AED) market, you’ve probably heard of AED manufacturers and AED training centers. After all, the device itself and staff who know how to use it are essential to being prepared during sudden cardiac arrests (SCAs). Probably less familiar are the AED distributors that supply defibrillator accessories, while AED management software vendors provide add-on software to help keep track of AEDs. And, most unknown of them all, there are AED readiness partners like Premedics—an all-inclusive solution that combines everything an organization needs to responsibly own AEDs in one place.

Many don’t realize that there’s an AED readiness partner option available to greatly alleviate the challenge of buying, maintaining, and managing AEDs. Coordinating physician prescriptions, managing device obsolescence, tracking expiring pads and batteries, and ensuring compliance with regulations is nothing short of overwhelming. Safety teams (or especially a single person tasked with building an AED program) often don’t have the bandwidth to implement a compliant and reliable system. An AED readiness partner is your foolproof, quick, and easy way to get your AED management program where it needs to be.

Discover what an AED readiness partner can do for your organization so you’re fully prepared to save lives during SCA emergencies.

What Is an AED Readiness Partner?

An AED readiness partner is a specialized service provider that offers turnkey solutions for AED management, which frees organizations from the responsibility of designing, implementing, and maintaining AED compliance and preparedness on their own.

Organizations can rely on an AED readiness partner’s expert guidance during all phases of AED management. Rather than dealing with fragmented vendors for training, purchasing, and maintenance, partnering with an AED readiness provider offers a consolidated solution, serving as a single point of contact for all AED ownership requirements. In fact, Premedics assigns a Dedicated Account Manager to coordinate every aspect of an industry-leading and comprehensive AED management program for organizations ranging from small gyms to enterprises.

AED readiness partners alleviate the burden of AED management so organizations are truly empowered to respond effectively to sudden cardiac arrests. From regular inspections and software updates to compliance assistance, organizations find peace of mind knowing that their AED readiness partner ensures optimal AED functionality and preparedness for deployment.

Why AED Readiness Partners Are Crucial

Every AED vendor type (like the AED manufacturer, distributor, training center, and software company that were mentioned before) plays its own part in AED management. The problem is that none of them talk to each other, so the responsibility of managing the slew of vendors falls on an organization’s EHS Director or safety team. It is up to the organization to reach out when something is needed versus having the vendor call them proactively. As updates, expirations, and changes in regulations materialize, the overwhelming volume of things to coordinate can lead to items falling through the cracks. Which, when it comes to saving lives, is not something an organization can afford.

Companies have two main approaches when it comes to managing AEDs. The first is to try to establish strong internal systems with clear controls and accountability that will reliably maintain AED program readiness. However, even if an organization does move to the critical stage of implementing their own AED management process, that doesn’t mean that the system is strong enough to rule out errors. Statistics compiled by Premedics show that 85% of companies that choose to implement and maintain their own AED programs are not ready to handle medical emergencies involving SCA three years later. We have been on many sites where the safety leader praises the thoroughness of their process, but we’ve unfortunately identified lapses in execution they thought were addressed. 

The second option organizations have to manage AEDs is an outsourced support solution. An AED readiness partner is similar to a monitored and serviced security system in which a third party manages everything on behalf of the organization. Constant wireless AED monitoring and service are handled by the AED readiness partner, who is essentially an extension of the organization’s safety team. 

The Benefits of an AED Readiness Partner

Choosing to work with an AED readiness partner provides several benefits to organizations, such as conserving the resources of internal safety staff, ensuring compliance with ever-changing regulations, and empowering individuals to be actively ready to respond during SCAs.

Conserves Safety Staff Resources

Organizational safety staff shoulder a considerable responsibility in ensuring the well-being and security of employees. From developing safety protocols to conducting drills and managing compliance, their plate is consistently full. Adding the burden of AED management further stretches already thin resources. 

AEDs are critical life-saving devices that require much thought from initial setup to long-term maintenance. How many does your facility need, and where should they be placed? When do pads and batteries need to be replaced? Who checks and implements software updates? Expecting safety personnel to oversee these tasks diverts their attention from other crucial safety initiatives. Plus, the challenges only multiply the more locations or branches are involved. 

Working with an AED readiness partner who handles everything related to AED management alleviates the strain on safety staff. Premedics offers turnkey AED management solutions using wirelessly monitored AEDs that are completely scalable as organizations grow or want to roll out defibrillators at dozens of locations. That way, safety staff like EHS Directors can focus on other initiatives to create a safe and secure work environment.

Ensures Organizational Compliance

Ensuring compliance when purchasing AEDs is crucial, but equally important is maintaining adherence to long-term management protocols. Regulations set forth by organizations like the American Heart Association (AHA), the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and state Good Samaritan legislature outline stringent guidelines that organizations must follow to guarantee the efficacy and accessibility of AEDs. Neglecting proper upkeep and maintenance can have catastrophic consequences, potentially resulting in loss of life and legal ramifications for the organization.

An AED readiness partner provides peace of mind that your organization meets all AED legal requirements. They stay at the forefront of the changing legal landscape and proactively implement any necessary changes on your behalf. Wireless AEDs are monitored, maintained, and tested to ensure that they stay ready for use. Premedics even offers a multi-million dollar indemnification policy for AEDs within our network that follow our processes because we are confident in exceeding statutory standards.

Empowers Your Team

The primary objective of obtaining AEDs is to empower individuals with the ability to intervene effectively and save lives during sudden cardiac emergencies. True readiness involves more than hanging an AED on the wall and offering an AED training class—preparedness is a mindset! When a critical situation arises, individuals must be equipped not only with the knowledge but also the courage to act swiftly before paramedics arrive. Reaching that level of strength requires ongoing education, regular drills, and commitment. 

Know that your organization and the people within it are as prepared as possible to save lives. An AED readiness partner makes sure that you have the tools and training to truly be ready to take action. It takes more than a theoretical understanding of AEDs to act when the stakes are high. That’s why Premedics offers device-specific training, practical demos, and knowledge checks throughout the year so your team stays up-to-date on proper procedures. 

AED Readiness Partners in Summary

An AED readiness partner is a unique and specialized service provider within the AED market that offers organizations turnkey solutions for AED management. By leveraging the expertise of an AED readiness partner, organizations can easily ensure seamless AED compliance, maintenance, and preparedness without compromising the bandwidth of their internal safety team. 

Premedics is passionate about empowering individuals with the preparedness they need to act quickly during a sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) emergency. Founded by a paramedic in 1998, we believe that anyone—laypeople and healthcare providers—can be a hero when each minute matters before EMS arrival. Our wireless AED monitoring and services are comprehensive, scalable, and cost-effective. It’s easy to switch to wifi-enabled AEDs with our legacy AED buyback program. Contact us today for a no-obligation consultation and see how you can become a safety change agent at your organization!