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Saving Lives Made Simple: The Advantages of AED Subscription Services

When it comes to sudden cardiac arrest safety, organizations frequently assume that purchasing automated external defibrillators (AEDs) is an essential requirement. However, there's an increasingly popular alternative that offers a more convenient and cost-effective solution: subscribing to an AED service. Rather than committing to the upfront costs and ongoing management associated with owning AEDs outright, organizations can opt for a subscription model that provides access to the necessary equipment along with comprehensive support.

An AED subscription service includes defibrillator maintenance, replacements, monitoring, compliance, and even CPR/AED training sessions in one monthly price. This way, organizations can ensure their AEDs are always in optimal working condition without the hassle of managing them internally.

Safety leaders should seriously consider embracing AED subscription services for several reasons. Subscriptions simplify the process of ensuring workplace safety by outsourcing the management of AEDs to experts. They are responsible for adhering to regulatory standards and industry best practices, alleviating concerns about legal requirements. Additionally, AED subscription services are a financially attractive option for organizations since they often offer cost savings compared to purchasing and maintaining AEDs independently.

Ultimately, by selecting an AED subscription service, safety leaders can enhance workplace safety while also streamlining operations and reducing administrative burdens. Learn more about the top benefits organizations can expect through AED subscription services.

  1. Avoid High Defibrillator Purchase Costs
    With an AED subscription service, organizations can sidestep the substantial upfront expense of purchasing defibrillators, which typically cost thousands of dollars for a single AED. They can instead access the industry’s latest wireless AEDs through one low monthly price.
  2. Enjoy One Predictable, Capital-Friendly Monthly Price
    Subscription services offer the convenience of a single, predictable monthly fee that stays consistent regardless of whether new AED devices or accessories are needed that month. Plus, you won’t be adding another line item to your capital expenses that interfere with any upcoming large expenditures.
  3. Your Company Saves Money While Getting the Gold Standard
    The difference between what an organization receives for the price with an AED subscription service versus managing AEDs independently is substantial. The subscription service includes premium wifi-enabled AEDs, round-the-clock monitoring, regulatory compliance oversight, maintenance, and dedicated customer support for a comprehensive AED management solution.
  4. Defibrillator and Accessory Replacements Are Shipped to Your Doorstep
    Subscribers can enjoy the convenience of having defibrillator units and necessary accessories shipped directly to their doorstep whenever replacements are needed. This service eliminates the time and energy it takes for safety leaders to get non-responsive manufacturers on the phone and battle supply chain issues.
  5. You’ll Always Have the Latest AED Technology
    Organizations can access the most up-to-date AED technology without needing to purchase new equipment by using an AED subscription service. You’ll always have the most cutting-edge safety features and latest AED advancements automatically included as part of your subscription.
  6. FDA Recalls and Software Updates Are Handled on Your Behalf
    The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) routinely announces software updates and recalls for AEDs, which your AED subscription provider will implement for you. Your organization doesn’t need to fear missing these changes and facing the consequences of failing compliance standards.
  7. Your Defibrillators Are Monitored 24/7
    With round-the-clock monitoring, organizations can rest assured that their AEDs are always in optimal working condition. Any issues, anomalies, or updates can be detected and addressed promptly, minimizing downtime during critical moments.
  8. AED Maintenance Is Included
    Maintenance tasks such as regular inspections, battery and pad replacements, and defibrillator replacements are all included as part of the AED subscription service. You’ll always know who to call when there are issues and have knowledgeable support for repairs.
  9. Never Worry About Meeting Compliance Standards
    Subscription services take the guesswork out of AED compliance by ensuring that defibrillators and associated processes meet all relevant regulatory standards and guidelines. This transfers responsibility from the organization to the subscription provider and eliminates the risk of non-compliance penalties.
  10. Forget About Manual Expiration Tracking
    Your safety team won’t need to track any expiration dates again or potentially have a non-functional device when it’s needed most during an emergency. The subscription service handles expiration tasks automatically, sending timely replacements before expiration to maintain device readiness.
  11. Lifesaving Efforts Have the Support of a Knowledgeable Team
    When it comes to saving lives, organizations need to know everything is handled well. Putting the responsibility on a single safety person is overwhelming and can lead to things getting overlooked. An AED subscription service provides the support of an entire team, and a knowledgeable one at that, to focus on your AED program’s success.
  12. AED Training and Certification Requirements Are Covered, Too
    Effective organizational AED programs also include staff training on how to use the AEDs for complete readiness. AED subscriptions address training needs by offering CPR/AED training on your specific device, regular practice scenarios throughout the year, and certification expiration tracking for continuous coverage.
  13. You Have a Single Point of Contact When You Need Help
    With a dedicated point of contact, organizations can easily access support and assistance whenever needed, streamlining communication and resolving issues promptly. There’s no need to juggle multiple vendors or wonder who can help with certain AED responsibilities.
  14. Gain Time, Skip the Headaches, and Free Your Internal Resources
    Organizations save valuable time and resources that would otherwise be spent on procurement, maintenance, and compliance-related tasks by outsourcing AED management to a subscription service. Internal teams can focus on their core safety activities with confidence knowing that their AED management is up to standards.
  15. Always Be Confident Your Organization Is Ready to Save Lives
    Perhaps most importantly, subscribing to an AED service offers peace of mind that the organization is well-prepared to handle cardiac emergencies. With reliable equipment, ongoing support, and practical training, staff can act swiftly and effectively to save lives when every second counts.

Signing up for an AED subscription service presents an exceptional opportunity for organizations to streamline their AED management processes while ensuring optimal readiness for cardiac arrest emergencies. By choosing this route, organizations can enjoy a comprehensive solution that covers everything from defibrillator acquisition to maintenance and compliance oversight.

Premedics stands out as a trusted choice when considering AED subscription services. Founded in 1998 by a paramedic, Premedics brings unparalleled expertise and passion to AED management services. Over 1,000,000 lives today are protected by Premedics’s managed AED network. Whether your organization needs one or hundreds of AEDs, we’ll tailor an AED solution for your specific facility.

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I considered purchasing the unit, but then I was a little worried about the liability of maintaining the system. With Premedics, you don't have to buy it upfront (we had just opened up so a monthly payment was important to us) and then the fact that they were going to replace pads if we needed them or swap the machine if we needed to I thought was good for us because then we don't have to worry about it. It's a life-saving device…I don't want to skimp on that kind of stuff. It was just better to let somebody else handle it for us so I'm happy with that service.

James Burley
Franchise Owner, K1 Speed