Hey Maryland! AEDs shouldn't cost an arm, a leg... and a heart

SAVING LIVES is more affordable than ever. Our subscription-based AED systems offer all the benefits and flexibility of a traditional AED lease.


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Need to Comply with the Joe Sheya Act in Maryland?

Our turnkey AED systems leverage cutting-edge technologies combined with over 25 years of AED program management and training best practices to bring you comprehensive, lifesaving solutions…all at an affordable monthly price!

Adding automated external defibrillators (AEDs) to your facility’s safety program is a great idea — yet often they can be an expensive upfront investment beyond your budget realities, not to mention their never-ending maintenance costs such as battery and pads replacements, etc. And then what about the AED Management Process and Certification Training you need to ensure your lifesaving program starts and stays ready?

The solution is actually pretty simple - Allow Premedics to take the worry off your plate, and easily comply using our Turnkey AED Subscription Service! 


Need an AED? Simple pricing with No Fuss.

Option 1
Have An AED?
  • Per AED
  • AED Management Plan
  • Comprehensive AED Management Service
  • Wireless Monitoring
  • Annual Professional Inspection
  • Post-Usage Support
  • Pad & Battery Resupply Included (Most FDA-approved AED models)
Option 2
Need An AED?
Starting at
  • Per AED
  • Option 1 Plus…
  • Premedics Sync™ Ready AED included.
  • Pad & Battery Resupply Included
  • Annual Professional Inspection
  • (Ask about our Legacy AED Buyback Credit if you are looking to upgrade yours!)
Option 3
With Training Too?
  • Per AED
  • Training and Certifications Package
  • Option 2 Plus...
  • CPR/AED Training and Certification through the American Heart Association.


Need additional pricing info? Get in touch for custom and high-volume pricing. 

Your grocery store or restaurant will successfully fulfill the Joe Sheya Act AED program requirements by partnering with Premedics! Unlike traditional AEDs, which require manual checks and maintenance, our wireless AEDs are equipped with integrated communication capabilities that allow them to connect remotely to a centralized dashboard. That way, we can handle AED management remotely on your behalf!



Be sure to let us know you are a proud Restaurant Association of Maryland Member for Special Pricing!


All the Bells and Whistles...

All AED Equipment & Accessories Provided
Wireless AED Monitoring
Pad & Battery Resupply Service
Dedicated account manager
(real person you can reach!!)
AED Manager™ all-access membership included
AED Post-Usage Loaner AED expedited to your location
Premedics MD™ - FDA-required physician prescription and oversight
Post-Usage clinical support (ECG data reporting)
Multi-million dollar indemnification protection & Annual Professional Inspection (optional)
Nationally recognized American Heart Association training
AED Geotagged with AEDregistry.org™ and Verified Ready on national map
Maryland AED Registration and EMS Liaison for Compliance

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“Premedics' services are built around the fundamental knowledge that our mission is protecting lives at each client location daily. Many interacting, interrelated and interdependent elements must sync to ensure your AEDs are ready and effective when you need them.

Just starting an AED program and not systematizing each element will invariably lead to a lifesaving component not being ready, and therefore potentially not protecting lives on the day it is needed. We consult, implement and maintain our client's pre-EMS system as if the life of one of our loved ones depends on it, because someday it just might.”

— Brent Hetherington BA., EMT-P (Founder of Premedics)

Brent Heatherington, BA., EMT-P, founder of premedics

Smart facility managers know:

It’s not enough to lease (or purchase) and install automated external defibrillators (AEDs). Deciding to add AEDs to your facility’s safety program is a great idea, but this life-saving equipment can only do its job when it’s up-to-date and ready to save lives.

Premedics takes that worry off your plate. Our expertise and best practice process instills confidence that your AEDs are ready when they’re needed.


* We don’t share your personal info with anyone. Check out our Privacy Policy for more information.

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