Sales and Accessories
Wednesday, January 11, 2017

mAED Sales and Accessories

Premedics provides two tracks for our clients to source leading AED technology for their locations: Purchase or Monthly Ready AED (Either AED option can be added to your Sync plan).


Premedics provides automated external defibrillators (AEDs) and accessories from all leading manufacturers at affordable pricing for any location. If your facility needs to create a pre-EMS system, Premedics will be your trusted advisor for AED system recommendations. If you have existing AEDs on-site, we can add Premedics Sync to give you a full pre-EMS safety system. You’ll have verification that your installed AEDs are updated with the latest technology, meeting current American Heart Association science guidelines.

For legacy AED consultation, or new AED system purchase, Premedics is your best source of AEDs and accessories. We even coordinate delivery of your AED units with your scheduled on-site service date, so that your team is trained and AED units are ready on date of implementation.

Monthly Ready AED

AED Response KitWhy worry about AED recalls, AED science guideline updates, “end-of-life” (obsolescence) declarations by AED manufacturers, or replacement of pads and batteries? If your facilities are ready to start a pre-EMS system (Premedics Sync™ + AED unit), Premedics can supply your location with a complete Premedics Sync™ Ready AED System:

  • AED unit (leading AED brands)
  • AED battery (replaced as needed)
  • AED adult pads (replaced as needed)
  • AED child pads (if applicable)
  • AED alarmed cabinet
  • AED signage
  • AED response kit
  • AED software updates and accessories, as needed

…all for less than the cost of your smartphone plan!

“The program has been a good investment which clearly has benefited the communities, employees, and customers we serve”
Francisco Rojas, Director of Operations for CBL Properties