Premedics Sync
Sunday, November 27, 2016
Just having AEDs in your facility isn’t enough. You need to know they’re ready — and that your staff is ready — to act in an emergency. Premedics Sync is a continual quality improvement process, synchronizing the 6 key elements of best practices for a pre-EMS system. Each element synchronizes remote and on-site dimensions of the system, and all 6 elements work together to make a complete system: Premedics Sync.


Premedics AED Unit


Smart facility managers know: It’s not enough to purchase and install automated external defibrillators (AEDs). Deciding to add AEDs to your facility’s safety program is a great idea, but this life-saving equipment can only do its job when it’s up-to-date and ready to save lives.

Premedics takes that worry off your plate. Our Premedics Sync system instills confidence that your AEDs are ready when they’re needed.

“Premedics’ services are built around the fundamental knowledge that our mission is protecting lives at each client location daily. Many interacting, interrelated and interdependent elements must sync to ensure your AEDs are ready and effective when you need them.

Just starting an AED program and not systematizing each element will invariably lead to a lifesaving component not being ready, and therefore potentially not protecting lives on the day it is needed. We consult, implement and maintain our client’s pre-EMS system as if the life of one of our loved ones depends on it, because someday it just might.

Brent Hetherington BA., EMT-P (Founder of Premedics)

g AED Sync™

Premedics AED Manager

The quality process of ensuring that each AED unit is checked monthly by the facility’s AED coordinator.  Premedics’ AED Manager™ sends a monthly reminder for the AED coordinator to check each AED unit’s status indicator.  If the system isn’t updated, reminders escalate. This process facilitates a monthly review of the AED’s readiness.  AED Manager also sends out a 30 day reminder when AED pads or batteries are due to expire. Annually, a pre-EMS field specialist on the Premedics staff visits each Premedics Sync client location to verify the AED Sync status.  Premedics’ field specialist also verifies that the AED is not under recall or in need of a software update (Each AED is updated on-site if field updatable).

s Trained Team Sync™

Premedics Sync - CPR/AED Team

The quality process to ensure the CPR/AED-trained team at each facility starts and stays ready to save lives. Premedics account managers work with each client to schedule their annual on-site service and AHA certification skills training sessions.  Furthermore, the American Heart Association’s current guidelines (G2010) recommend periodic review and training even after certification. Premedics provides device-specific AED orientation and scenario practice every year.  These practice sessions keep the trained volunteer team’s skills ready. The AED Manager system also provides reminders before team members’ certification expiration and ensures adequate levels of staff trained on CPR/AED at each property.

iProperty Sync™

AED Property Sync

The annual, property-level, holistic review of a facility’s pre-EMS system readiness. This review may involve one AED or numerous AEDs on campus, depending on the site. Premedics field specialists are trained to inspect more than 100 items to ensure the facility meets pre-EMS (AED) management best practices.

p Compliance Sync™

AED Compliance Sync

Each location’s compliance with its state’s Good Samaritan legislation is coordinated and managed by Premedics account specialists. To provide compliance with the FDA and state Good Samaritan legislation, our clients receive PremedicsMD™ service. This service provides necessary medical director leadership, AED prescription, post-event services (including overnight-shipped, ready-to-go, loaner AED unit after an AED usage), and medical quality control.  As a part of this process, Premedics monitors all AED recalls, corrective actions, manufacturer recommendations, and new AHA science guidelines that may affect the customer’s pre-EMS readiness and immunity afforded by their state’s Good Samaritan laws.

f Indemnification Sync™

AED Indemnification Sync

Premedics provides all of our customers with additional peace of mind, since Premedics has a multi-million dollar insurance policy to covers Premedics’ management of Pre-EMS System Best Practices, with coverage extended to our customers that stay current with Premedics’ process of readiness. Every location’s monthly AED status reports, AED Sync documentation, Property Sync documentation, Trained Team Sync documentation, and Compliance Sync documentation are stored and archived, to verify the client’s location is as ready as possible to save lives.

k AED Registry App Sync™

AED Registry App

All customer AED installations are geo-located and tagged to the international AED Registry App™ found in the App Store and on Google Play.  The AED Registry App provides the customer with a campus AED locator for smart phones or tablets, and Good Samaritans can be directed to the nearest ready AED installation on campus at a moment’s notice. Each Premedics customer’s AED installation shows up on the AED Registry App as a Verified Ready AED installation (if the location has performed their AED Status Update within the last 30 days), indicated by the AED registry heart installation with the green registry circle.

“The program has been a good investment which clearly has benefited the communities, employees, and customers we serve”
Francisco Rojas, Director of Operations for CBL Properties